Friends of Mother Earth Incorporated can be contacted by email or through our Facebook page:

Donations received by Friends of Mother Earth Incorporated are used to conserve and protect Australia’s unique environment and wildlife. Thank you for supporting us.

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  1. shelley tarasinski

    I despair of the cruelty and ravenous greed of members of the human race who look at our unique animals and see only dollar signs! Our beautiful kangaroos and wallabies are known and loved world wide as essentially Australian. They have survived for thousands of years in this continent, but thanks to colonisation and the coming of the white man, they are facing possible extinction just to satisfy the lust for money by unscrupulous profiteers.

  2. shelley tarasinski

    Saint Francis of Assisi, patron Saint of all animals, your divine aid is sorely needed! Please help the few who are doing all they can to help our unique kangaroos survive the very real death and destruction coming their way by money hungry and unscrupulous low lifes!

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